The story of l’Angélys

Ice cream – a childhood passion


Denis Lavaud, Artisan Ice Cream Maker and founder of the company, L’Angélys, developed a love for the profession as a child, “my love of ice cream began when I was seven in the Saint-Eutrope district of Saint-Jean-d’Angély. An Italian man used to sell home-made ice cream there”. His grand-mother would give him 20 centimes to go and buy one. Denis immediately became infatuated with artisan ice cream. The flavour of ice cream is tinged with nostalgia and brings childhood recollections flooding back to Denis Lavaud, who, fifty years on has vivid memories of his first taste sensations which he tries to recreate today.

Denis Lavaud

Portrait Denis Lavaud

Passion, professionalism and rigour


The values promoted by our artisan ice cream maker

Chariot L'Angélys

It all started with an ice cream cart

Good ice cream fans from Saintonge will all remember the elegant ice cream maker who sold ice cream from a cart. The cart is a nod to the entrepreneur’s childhood. “I drew inspiration from Georges Brossard, who sold biscuits door-to-door from a cart”, reveals the boss of L’Angélys. With his small, portable shop (but not on wheels), Denis Lavaud attended a number of local events: flea markets, school fetes, sporting events, markets, etc. Whenever he arrived, the sound of his bell would see customers flocking to the cart.

Photo de famille

A family history

For several years now, L’Angélys has been a family adventure. Denis Lavaud’s two daughters have joined him to develop the company and to prepare with him the future of the firm.

With Angélique’s creativity and Sarah’s management skills, there’s no doubt that the two sisters are a winning combination.

Sarah Lavaud

Portrait Sarah Lavaud Carré

The youngest of the pair, Sarah expressed a desire to follow in her father’s footsteps at a young age. At just 24, the company’s purchasing and operational manager has extensive responsibilities within the family company. Just like her sister, she worked “from an early age” on the production line. She then gradually developed in the company, driven by her management skills. She has managed half of L’Angélys staff since the age of 21, is involved in everything, and is now involved in supplier relations. “I learn something new every day in terms of raw materials and R&D – it’s fascinating”. The deployment of the Clean Label is of particular interest to Sarah due to the environmental aspects which are close to her heart.

Angélique Lavaud

Portrait Angélique Lavaud carré

The older of the two sisters, Angélique is always close by to advise her father about the brand’s image and values. At 27 years old, the woman whose first name inspired her father to choose L’Angélys as the company name, is a free spirit by nature. Passionate about pastry making, in 2020 she decided to move to Quebec to open a cake shop. Due to the pandemic they decided to postpone the project. Developing the family company while remaining true to herself is the objective of this young woman, who obtained an ice cream vocational qualification to guarantee the company’s future. Angélique naturally assumed management of franchise development activities – the major project of 2021. Her experience took her to Tahiti, Reunion Island and to Romania, prior to the health crisis, as well as to Canada. Angélique is a great lover of creation, but has no intention of leaving the company. Her father believes that Angélique has “the best palate” in L’Angélys”.

25 years of innovation and experience

Innovation et expérience glace chêne

With 170 different products, L’Angélys sorbets and ice creams meet every customer’s requirements. Over the last twenty-five years, the ice cream maker from Saintonge has innovated a great deal and created nearly 500 different recipes thanks to the experience they have developed. Innovation at L’Angélys is based essentially on the palate of the Lavaud family, but Denis also takes the time to train other employees in this regard.

The power of fruit

When it comes to innovation, there are no written rules…only inspiration and desires. As someone who doesn’t make many desserts, Denis Lavaud mostly comes up with new ice cream ideas while cooking. “Whenever I eat something, I know right away whether we can make it into an ice cream. I’ve been working this way for forty years”, explains the artisan ice cream maker who loves sweet and savoury foods in equal measure. As our artisanal ice creams do not contain any artificial flavourings, there’s a careful balance to be found.

A few key dates for L’Angélys

Logo Maitre artisan Glacier


Denis Lavaud received the much sought-after “Maître Artisan Glacier de France” [Artisan Ice Cream Maker of France] diploma. He thus entered into a “moral contract” with his clients based on trust, respect and the constant search for new creations.


 Ten years later, the company obtained IFS (International Featured Standard) certification; an indispensable benchmark which certifies suppliers of private label foods. In the same year, L’Angélys was awarded the PME+ Label  (Corporate Social Responsibility for SMBs).


L’Angélys obtained “Glaces artisanales de France” [Artisan Ice Creams of France] certification.


The company decided to focus on its historic Fontcouverte site. A building permit was submitted for the construction of a 1,000 m2 building adjacent to the existing construction. The works should take one year. The new premises will boast cutting-edge equipment and will also house a research and development lab. Thanks to its new premises, L’Angélys will be able to develop its production of high-end ice creams.


The 25th anniversary of L’Angélys’ was marked by a new chapter – the opening of ice cream shops. The first ice cream shops opened in Pontaillac and Royan, followed by Bordeaux and Paris, in the months of May and June respectively of the same year. The idea is to open 15 ice cream shops in the next five years in France and abroad, and eventually 35 franchises. A new chapter for L’Angélys, which will now allow people to sample its ice creams in its very own shops. Go and discover the new products concocted by Denis Lavaud and his team, who are always so enthusiastic about inventing, titillating and sharing.

L'ANGÉLYS Les Ateliers

Paris – Bordeaux – Royan